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Contribute Articles

Thank you for your interest in contributing articles on Afro Hustler. We’re pleased to have you write for and with us.

The Contributor Programme

This is a special package for entrepreneurs. The Afro Hustler Contributor Program (AH CP) is a great opportunity for successful African entrepreneurs, better still, CEOs like you, to talk about your industry and share expert and educative content (by writing blog articles to be published on www.afrohustler.com) that will establish your leadership and authority in your industry. It will help bring you, clients, while motivating other young minds to aspire to become the next generation of entrepreneurs. Through this program, you will be able to share your own experiences, viewpoints and writing flair with other Afro Hustler readers.

Whether you are young or old, male or female, newly arrived in Cameroon or deeply rooted here, we (Africa) want to be inspired by your unique perspective.

What we expect
Please, read through our guidelines and expectations before submitting a contributed article. A few things we look for in your article are:
  • an original voice,
  • an unexpected view,
  • an unfamiliar perspective,
  • humor,
  • vivid details that show us rather than tell us,
  • anecdotes that illuminate a wider theme.
A successful article may be funny, surprising, touching or enlightening – or all of these. It may present a slice of life or a powerful experience that changed you in some way. It goes beyond a rant, and it is deft in moving from the particular to the universal.
Above all, an article must be true, not fictional.

 What we look for

Length: Write-ups usually run between 500 and 650 words, though longer is OK (if the subject merits it). However, more than 1.200 words usually are not.

Topics: Our content educates and motivates, and our editors are constantly interested in articles that inspire, teach, and give insight into current industry trends that our readers might be interested in.

Unique message: We’re interested in fresh perspectives on topics our readers care much about. To ensure you’re offering an original and a paralleled idea, browse the site and discover what topics our readers enjoy and what we’ve already written on a topic. Thus, your article should offer something our readers and editors haven’t already seen.

Consider sharing your personal experiences as well (what problems have you overcome? what unique perspectives can you bring?) Tell that story, it’s what we need. Our readers too.

News events and industry changes might spark an article only you can write. Consider if you have insights into how a change might impact current practices and how business leaders can be prepared for such a change.

Actionable advice: Stories that don’t give readers actionable advice likely won’t be selected for publication. Tips should be clear enough for a reader to put into action right away. The best tips are often ideas our readers haven’t seen before but offer them a new solution to a common problem.

Trustworthy sources: Rely on primary sources as much as possible. And remember — Wikipedia doesn’t always offer the most accurate information. In general, we like to see writers weave in at least, a few links to outside websites so readers can find more information on the topic under discussion.

 Before you submit

But before you send in your piece, here are some very important things you should do:

Proofread and organize your work: Our editors won’t accept any sloppy articles, especially if your piece is riddled with typos and factual errors that play negatively on our credibility.

Check our editorial guidelines listed at the end of this document and check your article against it before submitting.

Credit your sources: If you quote someone or cite statistics, link out to your source to help readers learn more about them or a given topic. Not having these links could delay the publication of your article. Remember, our editors won’t do this for you.

If you interview someone, please make it clear in your article. The readers will want to know that you have conducted original reporting.

Support your arguments with examples: Please, use examples (of companies, studies, entrepreneurs, etc.) to illustrate any point you make.

Submit original work: Any piece you didn’t write is unacceptable. Re-purposed content (something you published previously on another publication, with just a few new tweaks added) will also not be accepted. However, we accept content you have once written and published on your personal publishing platforms.

Make sure your article isn’t overly self-promotional. Mentions of your company, book or skill-set should be used sparingly to demonstrate your expertise and authority on a topic. The effect should serve to educate, not advertise. Articles that excessively promote your brand, company or product likely won’t be published and might prevent us from accepting future articles from you. Excessive links to your products or initiatives will likely be deleted. One or two links are fine. More than that usually is not.

Provide the following information to the editor for your author profile

  • A valid email address that you will use to log into our content management system (CMS) account.
  • A clear 4*4 photo
  • And a brief description (bio) to accompany your profile.

After you submit, what next?

  • If your piece is selected for publication, you should hear from Afro Hustler within 1  or 2 weeks after submission. If you do not hear from us after 2 weeks, your article was likely rejected.
  • If the article is accepted, an Afro Hustler editor will create a profile for the author in the Content Management System (CMS). Once you receive an onboarding email from our CMS, you will be asked to upload a two to three-sentence bio and your head-shot (high quality) in our system, along with the social media handles you would like to include. For your professional bio, don’t use superlatives or overly promotional or personal language. Provide the city with the company’s headquarters and where the contributor is located, if different. Hyperlink your company name if you’d like.
  • Accepted articles will likely require revisions. Our editors will likely have questions or suggestions. If your piece is sent back to you for revision, an editor will put it into check-out mode and send it to you as an email link. Any changes you make and save will be visible on our end, as well. Be sure to submit the article again when you are finished and an editor will review.
  • You will receive an email alert if and when your article goes live.
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