Finally Instagram looks into some very crucial issue which just like me, is so annoying to most of its other users. The fact that you can’t get a greater view of pictures or videos but always try to do it out of subconsciousness before realising you are on Instagram. A new feature has been rolled out that will let you zoom Instagram photos and videos.

A few days ago, Instagram announced an update to its iOS app that will let you pinch to zoom Instagram photos or videos.

This feature which allows you to pinch-to-zoom will work on the media that shows up in your standard feed as well as on people’s profiles and in the Explore tab. While this is only available to iOS, Instagram said it will be rolling out to Android “in the coming weeks.”

I haven’t been able to try this out but someone who did has  something for you. It looks like when you pinch photos and videos, a lightbox effect takes place. Then they actually come out of the original frame as you zoom. It’s a handy way of peeking at the details, but don’t be surprised if things look a bit gross when you zoom in too far.

This update to zoom Instagram photos and videos is actually the best Instagram has done this year. It’s going to end all our photography nightmares.

Here’s how to zoom it


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