The Cameroon music industry is proud  to have recorded a huge number of successes lately. Young Cameroonian artists are making a big name at the international level such as AFRIMAR. Thanks to all the record labels in Cameroon as they encourage the youngsterS to nurture their talents as far as music is concerned. Afro Hustler caught up with the founder Zion records, a Bamenda-based record label  to tell us  what has kept them afloat in the entertainment world.

Tell us about yourself and your entrepreneurial pursuit?

As a young man growing up I use to think it was so easy to get employed after studies. When I acquired adequate education and went in search of a job, my idea of an easy-way-out was disapproved by the stress and difficulty in the Cameroon Job market. Moving from one company/office to another, I did not only suffer from stress but I also found out that there were many other youths in the same situation with no means of survival. This led me into sourcing for ways through which I could transform my ideas into a sustainable  business . As time went on, I enjoyed being self-employed and having others work with me. I also found it fulfilling helping other youths meet their goals in life. This was the birth of my entrepreneurial spirit.

What made you develop the interest in Music?

Music has always been food for my soul; most especially during my hard times. it always had a way of relieving my stress and refreshing my memory for greater challenges in the battle for success. Growing up I happened to be around so many youths with talent in the domain of music. Having been an onlooker for their quest to hit the spotlight, I developed an interest to invest in music. My interest in music is to help young talents reach their desired level of success through my platform.

Tell us about Zion records label. What makes Zion record outstanding amongst other labels?

Zion records is music label with the headquarter in Bamenda, North West Region, Cameroon. It was Created as a wholly independent music label in May 2014. Zion Record has captured Cameroon’s attention with great songs like Love na Love by Charly B, Woman Ya Woman by Charly B ft Mesh, and Love Na Love Remix, ft Mr. Leo. It is a music house for Famous and Upcoming artists with exceptional talents capable of holding the music industry as leaders for as long as we exist. We sign artists, nurture them and get them ready for the challenges around fame before we release them to the public. At Zion Records, we are not eager to create stars…we work towards creating music legends.

How many signed artists has Zion records and their achievement?

Zion records is proud of three signed artist namely Charly Chuye (Charly B), Atingwa Ghislain (Meshi) and Cyril Njumbe (CTrix). The front line artist for Zion records Charly B has the award winning love anthem (Love na Love) as his most popular achievement which caught the attention of one of Cameroons front liners Mr. Leo; evident in their recent remix. Moreover,  Meshi and C-Trix are credited with a number of singles like Helep me, Devoir, Mr. Mbere and stand fine. for now, we are working so hard on giving these singles the spotlight deserving to musics of such magnitude.

What are the major challenges you face in the entertainment industry?

We have been striving hard to become the centre of entertainment in the North West and Cameroon. This I guess has been our major challenge looking at the level of competition in the industry with great products coming up on a daily basis. However, we are confident that at the end of the fight, Zion records shall emerge victoriously.

Who is your role model as far as the record label business is concerned?

I would not say we have some particular role model but working in such a complex environment, we believe everyone in the industry has a contribution to make in one way or the other. We, therefore, make use of what is useful and let go what we do not need. All labels in the Cameroon music industry are doing a great job, promoting talent.

 Where do you see Zion records in the next 2years?

Zion will be the centre of Cameroon entertainment in the next two years.

Who is your favourite Cameroon artist that you dream to sign into your label?

Looking at the process of signing new artists into Zion records, I would say we have no particular artist we hope to sign. It is our desire to get the three artists sign in our label to the top before we can start looking around for more. None the less, if any great talent comes our way, we can always make good use of it.

 What do you think about Cameroon music industry?

I think the Cameroon music industry is very promising looking at the growth rate in recent times. The stakeholders have decided to make music their main business which explains the continued capital investment in the sector. The collaboration amongst the artist, labels, directors and other stakeholders give me the assurance that we will be leaders in the nearest future as far music is concerned.

What is your advice to the entertainment industry in general?

We cannot succeed if we see each other as competitors and not as partners. As a piece of advice, all stakeholders should know that Cameroon is one and therefore we should be interested in making the rest of the world see the stuff we are made of and not making our brothers see how better we are. Together we shall make it to the top.

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