So, you think you have quite some inspirational style and want to share with the world? Great! Create a blog. Everyone tells you it is so easy right. Of Course, it is. What differentiates you as a fashion blogger? It is figuring out how to grow your blog, and how to create a loyal following. So much goes into it. But never mind, we got you covered. Here are some professional tips to keep you in this highly competitive market of fashion blogging.

Invest in Yourself

First of all, you have to spend. We didn’t say clear your savings, though . Get some good lenses and camera equipment. Poor looking photos are a No No. You communicate with your audience mostly through photos, so you need to be professional about them. While paying for a custom-designed website upfront isn’t a must, you should purchase your own domain name (a minimal expense) and pick a clean layout that won’t confuse readers and is easy on the eyes.

Discover Your Voice

As a fashion blogger, you need your own voice. Own your style! Always bring originality into your works. However, don’t stick to one thing or else people are going to get bored. Try out new things, stuff which many people have no idea about. It might be something as simple as a scarf but you could give many ideas on how it could be used.
Project Tribe

Do Your Homework

You NEED to be aware of the latest trends and what’s happening in the world of fashion. Read fashion magazines and know what designers have for each season. Also, hold Pinterest dear to your heart. Collect inspirational pins to you and your sense of style.

Be Patient and Passionate

You probably must have heard of fashion bloggers earning $20,000 on a single post. But trust me, honey, that doesn’t come overnight. “I’ve seen firsthand some people who started fashion blogs solely for the purpose to become ‘Instagram famous’ or to get a bunch of free clothes and shoes and none of them are still blogging because of that misconception.” Says Los Angeles style, and fashion blogger Alyssa Campanella of The A-List. Pour out your heart and soul into it, and be dedicated.
fashion blogger Agatha Ashi of Irony of Ashi

Treat It as a Business

Don’t do this for leisure, it’s a business and should be treated like one. Fashion blogging is so much fun but also entails a lot of hard work. There’s a lot involved when running a blog because you’re essentially running a business and a brand of yourself. Stay strong during bad days, and never give up.

Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate!

This way, you get to put yourself out there to a wider audience. But hey! Get the right collabos. Get people with similar prospects like you. They could be fashion bloggers, designers, fashion stores, cosmetic brands, etc. Trust me it is so efficient, and could get you smiling all the way to the bank.
Makeup artist & fashion blogger, Dodos Uvieghara

Step Up Your Social Media Game

It’s all in social media. You need a huge following. That’s where almost all your audience will come from. Invest in all your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Be consistent in how you feed your audience. Don’t stay away for long (long could be 3 days). There are people out there waiting each day to see what you have for them, so you need to deliver. It’s not every day you get to have a fresh new post. On such days why not do a throwback; these daily hashtags are not for fancy, you know. Make good use of them. Why not do a on a Monday when you are hungover.
Micah Gianneli



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