Reports reaching today, says the ongoing meeting between members of the Biya government and the anglophone teachers union is yielding no fruits. Prof Ghogomu and his delegation from Yaounde take teachers hostage at the Governor’s office insist they must work with them in the direction they want! Mr. Tassang Wilfred confirmed they were forcefully locked in the hall as they attempted to stage a walkout! Meantime the town is heavily militarised and it is certain the military were brought in to coerce the teachers to call off the strike.

“We have been locked in the hall as we attempted to walk out. We have been taken, hostage. fame Ndongo is presently insulting us with lies. When he finishes, we shall attempt to forcefully walk out,” insider reports.

As of now, every southern Cameroonian know the Biya regime’s tactics to subdue the Southern Cameroon’s plight. The divide and rule strategy was clearly experienced today as the meeting today constituted of just teachers from the north-west region. As a matter of fact, a meeting of this magnitude had to involve teachers union from both anglophone regions.

” The committee is not properly constituted. It is biased. Our brothers and sisters in the SW are not part of the ad hoc committee, giving the impression that it is a NW -issue”  The Northwest teachers have mastered the arts so well. Fame Ndongo was shocked when the teachers began demanding the presence of Southwest teachers union and the unconditional release of the all those Southern Cameroonian in captivity.”Even those who died in prison must be accounted for.”


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