Cameroon’s singer, Kasi Dred, yesterday, September 09, 2016 released his second sensational single from titled Wurere Africa.

Before you watch and listen to this great piece of music Afro Hustler would like to do a brief profiling of the artist.Kesi Dred Wurere Africa

Kasi Dred developed musical interest as a kid. As time went on, he started to love dancing and finally started creating his own songs. As a fluent pidgin English speaker, he took a detour and became a very good rapper and coupled it to his elegant flow and magestic punch. With this magical gifts, he did his first solo recording 6 years ago at “Spacey music” Bambui.
Kasi then went on to release a Mix tape album in 2013 titled “Ma Head di Hot” with 13 tracks. In 2014 he released a single in audio on YouTube titled “Responsible” which made lasting impact following the mix tape on a grand scale. And the master of was brought up to the grand stage.

Kesi Dred

In 2015 there was high demand for more of Kasi and fans of the now famous artist called for a video. And then came the birth of the solo video track entitled “church” on YouTube; a song that portrayed a little bit of everything Kasi and what he thought about everything happening around him in society.
“Church” then became an instant hit and was nominated best video in the 2016 New Breed Africa celebrity award.
With the impact from “church” and the demand for more comes in 2016 the release of the audio “wurere Africa” which is a victory cry for Africans, Cameroonians in general and ‘Bamendians’ in particular. With great afro feelings and a blend of south African tunes, the silky smooth rapper hails the emergence of a winning nation and continent.
Wurere Africa

Rhymes to match, idioms and punchy verses are what make this song and outstanding masterpiece. In Finality, on the 9/9/2016 the official video of this out of the box masterpiece from the master of HearNoise “wurere Africa” drops.

“The song Wurere Africa ( meaning bravo Africa) is just talking about the hard works of all Africans even though things are really not moving for us back here in Africa we are still struggling and pushing hard,” says Kesi Dred.

Kasi Dred is currently under the management of Darnoc IST from CE Jay Productions.

Enjoy the Music. Please remember to visit Youtube to like, share and leave your comments about the Video.

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