Women always get cursed for being money minded, materialistic and all what not. Is this really true, or men look in the wrong direction? Actually, what I know is that not up to 50% 0f women are satisfied with men throwing money here and there, or with them acting like “money no be problem”. There is actually a few money habits women care about when it comes to men.

Let Her Know About Your Debt

The average man has a thousand skeletons in his cupboard and a high percentage of this has to do with his finances. Letting your potential mate in on your secret is essential but when you let her in on it is important as nine out of 10 women would rather have you put off that talk until you’re dating exclusively. The moment you let her know of your finances, it means you have become more serious with the relationship. Tell her what the situation is and how you intend to get out of any debt you may have.

There’s a likelihood she would stick to you while you try to pay your debt and will help you reduce your expenses on unnecessary and avoidable outings.

Shed Off Your Status Symbols

A recent study which polled 5,000 women in the United Kingdom found out that seventy percent of women find themselves attracted to men that “spend wisely,” compared with 19 percent who say they are attracted to big savers and only 8 percent who say they like big spenders.

As such, when you’re big on flashing your money in her eyes, women potentially see you for the present than the future. A lot of them find men with money attractive because of the financial security they bring and not because money brings financial adventure to a relationship. You can let her know you’re financially ok by being frugal and living within a budget instead of showing off all the time.

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Show How Generous You Are

And by generosity, we are not only referring to money but time also. Women expect you to not only give them your time but also give your loved ones and other good causes your time. They find this trait an important one because it portrays you as someone who cares and is willing to be an instrument of change.

Understand How You Earn

Even with this wave of feminism blowing across, a woman will rather date a man who earns more than her. There’s still some sort of stigma attached to men who find it difficult to take care of the bills. Women aren’t interested in men who earn less than they do. This doesn’t mean you have to go out actively seeking women that earn less than you do. You should instead know the direction your career is taking and how much you can earn on the way.

A lot of women are on the lookout for men who can single-handedly support the family while she’s nursing her children. Some others feel more secure knowing the family doesn’t need her salary to make ends meet.

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