Computer programming was started by this wonderful lady, Ada King, the countess of Lovelace.  In 1843, she established what many refer to as the first computer program.

The story narrative has it that Lovelace   exchanged correspondences with inventor Charles Babbage after  they met at a party. They then discussed Babbage’s idea for an “analytical engine” – a computer that could use an algorithm to shape its output. For this Lovelace is praised for greatly expanding on and refining the concept.

She is considered to have pioneered the idea of a computer algorithm as stated by In her notes, Ada described how codes could be created for the device to handle letters and symbols along with numbers. She also theorized a method for the engine to repeat a series of instructions, a process known as looping that computer programs use today. Ada also offered up other forward-thinking concepts in the article. For her work, Ada is often considered to be the first computer programmer.

Here embedded in this great story are the following facts:

Firstly, women can become whatever they want to if only they make the decision to do so. To think that women are less inclined to fields like mathematics and technology is a discussion that should not even be started.

Secondly, this story reveals to us the power of imagination and cooperative effort (collaboration). Lovelace imagined that Babbage’s “analytical engine” could work wonders while at the same time working alongside Babbage to achieve the object of her imagination. Today we are beneficiaries of this teamwork.

What a coincidence – the name of the lady in question is Ada – a popular name in Africa (especially in Nigeria). This is enough pointer that there can be many of such “Adas” in Africa.

Just take some time and enjoy a beautiful Nigerian music about another Ada

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