Adieu to long hours of tedious, painful traveling. Welcome to first class cruising with the new wireless entertainment platform!

Innovation has hit the transport sector in Cameroon, precisely in Buea. Technology company, VIVA recently launched its wireless entertainment platform on commercial buses at the Mile 17 car park in Buea. This platform is designed to keep passengers entertained during long, boring distances as well as educate them on the cultural diversity that resides in Cameroon.

This is a big step in customer service for the buses who signed up for the entertainment platform. Gone are the long hours of tedious, painful traveling. Now, passengers will not only entertain themselves but also get educative content from the VIVA platform. Needless to say, the bus drivers are exempted from this platform!.

It is no news that this technology has been existing in other countries for years now. But the Musango Bus Service, one of the transport agencies in Cameroon that offers VIP Services to its clients has made a move to bring this service home.

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