The unapologetic voice of Hon. Wirba Joseph  ” a slave has risen in the master’s house”. At a parliamentary session yesterday, his voice was heard, in a speech which spoke the minds of every bitter Southern Cameroonian citizen, in the presence of Cavayé Yéguié Djibril President of the National Assembly of Cameroon and other members.

He kicked against the molestation and violence the armed force of  la republique meted on unarmed civilians of Buea and Bamenda who were making their voices heard in a peaceful protest which turned out to a bloodbath. Peaceful protest and demonstration is the people’s legitimate right, he stated.

“There are two Cameroons that came together. If you are telling us like a state minister stood here last year and told us that  what happened in Cameroon is like dropping a few cubes of sugar in a basin of water. Then tell us who is the sugar and who is the water?”

He further went ahead to say

“Our ancestors and forefathers trusted you to go into a gentleman’s agreement. That two people who consider themselves brothers could go to live together. If this is what you show us after 55 years, then those who are saying that we should break Cameroon are right. They are correct! the people of West Cameroon cannot be your slaves. The people of West Cameroon, are not, you did not conquer them in war. If this is what you’re saying that we should leave then I say No!”

Wirba Joseph has got the charisma of Luther King Jr. He clearly narrated how his own people are treated like dogs in a place they call home. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty” was the take home from this session. His audacity and courage to speak for the people of West Cameroon give hope to the marginalised section of Cameroon.

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