The talk and tweets these days centre around the rumour that Twitter will shut down in 2017. Sometimes one can only wonder where rumours really originate from. But the reality is that there are those ready to blast out whether for the good or the bad.

Twitter hasn’t been in good terms lately as it has been kicked around due to slowing growth and problems with bullying. Another heart breaking news for all lovers of Twitter has also lend a hand of support to Twitters haters as they go about circulating rumours that Twitter will be shut down in 2017. Who wants this to happen?

The  #SaveTwitter hit the internet traffic in the early hours of yesterday. Twitter fans in their thousands and millions couldn’t bear the pain the shut down ‘news’ about Twitter had caused them. Just as lovers of Twitter will use the social media platform to inform on other news and happenings they didn’t slumber in using this same tool to make bear their frustration about Twitter shutting down.

Could it be that someone just wanted to irk the users and fans of Twitter or that it’s one of the misinformation we all go about reading on the platform each day and are easily convinced.

All in all, the good news is that Twitter will not shut down 2017 as rumoured.

“We’re not closing Twitter in 2017, we’re just having a year off. Like Glastonbury. See you in 2018.

Twitter is the site where people can say almost anything about anyone with seemingly few consequences. Perhaps this is what  has caused it to become the target of a ridiculous rumour that went viral thanks to its own platform.



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