Hey guys, wake up! A WhatsApp group is the one group each one of us should do everything to belong to. Real things are happening there. Hey, that’s not publicity oh!

Belonging to a WhatsApp group (like any other social group) brings you in contact with people with all sorts of philosophies you can possibly imagine. In one of such groups in Cameroon, a girl claims that women/girls have the right to demand expensive cars and all what not from the guy they are dating. Below is the opinion of one a girl in a WhatsApp group.

“It’s a right, it’s a right. God wasn’t mad to get up one morning and placed the man as head of the family. What’s the meaning of a head? Even when you are dating a guy, he’s the head of the relationship. It’s a must for him to provide for the girl. If a girl doesn’t demand, it shouldn’t be that she’s not supposed to ask for provision from the man. It could only that the girl is respecting herself. But it’s her right to demand.

“All of you ‘ma man’ sit quiet! There are some men in this country who buy their girls new cars. For instance, there is a 25 years old guy who has 5 cars in her possession…She has a car that’s worth  abt FCFA 20M. You go about mingling with cheap guys who can only afford a pair of trousers for FCFA 5,000. What do you want to say? Let all the boys in this group stay quiet.

“What are you guys talking about? If you set out to date a girl check out her skin, the quality of her hairdo and be ready to provide for when it’s needed. Before she got to you well dressed, it was the doing of another man.”

Hey guys, this is my rough translation of  the girl’s lashing tongue. Be it rough or not, please bear with me. That’s how far I could go with the many things she said in the audio. Hmmm – the proof of the pudding is in the eating and that sometimes it’s just right to get it from the horse’s mouth. The audio recording is in pidgin English, as spoken in Cameroon. If you don’t understand it, please just get someone to help explain to you. Just  Listen to the audios below.

Nah, nah, nah! It’s fireback time. They guys spat out fire in response to all our ‘Ferrari gal’ had to say.



WhatsApp groups these days can be very interesting. This is only one of those flaming chats. We’ll be bringing you more of such chats as we discover them.

Let’s get your reactions in the comment box. “Laugh only small and then pass half for your friend.”

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