The American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur, Brian Acton, one of the world’s billionaires, as reported by Forbes, is no stranger to some of the disappointments we sometimes encounter when seeking for jobs.

He and his fellow programmer  Jan Koum left Yahoo in 2007 after many years of service and took a year off. They both applied in 2009 and failed to work at  Facebook. In that same year the duo co-founded the WhatsApp messaging application and in 2014, Koum and Acton agreed to sell WhatsApp to Facebook for approximately $22 billion in cash and stock and Acton received about $3 billion (in stock and cash) for his stake in WhatsApp

In his tweet

(Got denied by Twitter HQ) and Facebook turned me down Acton reveals  how a disappointment  became a blessing. The greatest reverses and misfortunes of life often open the door to golden opportunities.

The greatest reverses and misfortunes of life often open the door to golden opportunities!

Acton’s story is akin to that of many startups, especially in Africa. Startups encounter very rugged terrains at their onset. It is often difficult to find investors even with a creation that provides solutions to a number of problems. It may be an uphill task realising a startup’s dreams but if equipped with vision, initiative, enthusiasm and self-confidence and above all teamwork or collaboration the dream can be achieved.

Never ever give up trying!

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