Lagos is proud to host the West African Gaming Expo (WAGE)  on Monday 31st, October  2016  from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m . This incredible event aims to introduce educational gaming, game designing, game development and game playing to the local African community. This will facilitate young African entrepreneurs to invest their time and energy in gaming  and game development which is a highly innovative and a lucrative sector.

“Live Learn Play Africa” is the theme of the WAGE 2016 event. This technology conference and exhibition has a focus on animation, video, and mobile games. Every year, participants are introduced to the worldwide gaming industry and are taught ways they can be successful in the said industry.

This initiative is a brilliant one as it will go a long way to inspire, encourage and teach many more Africans on game development. We all know how African tech entrepreneurs are obsessed about creating local games which depict Africa’s heritage and culture, for example, the Kiro games of Cameroon.

The Gaming industry is a very lucrative one. If you’re interested in learning game development, then this conference is just for you. Don’t miss this opportunity. Feel free to register here and don’t hesitate to apply here. It’s a free event, so no worries about paying for a ticket.


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