The success of every business depends on the productivity and effectiveness of the team members or employees. But most often, employers have shown little concerns about the employees’ welfare with the consequence being poor output. As an employer, you must seek ways to motivate your employees in order to increase their productivity.

One of the highest costs in business is employee turnover. And one of the challenges faced by most employers is creating an enabling environment that generates productivity. Not only is it too expensive to replace an employee that leaves, it can also destroy the morale of the rest of the team.

I will like to share with you 10 ways to motivate your employees and increase their productivity.


1.It’s Not Just About Money

Money is an important factor when it comes to employee motivation. As an employer, you cannot pay someone 50% of their market value and expect them to be happy and motivated.

But you also have to understand that money is not everything. People want to advance in life and be part of something bigger than their imaginations.

If your employees are unhappy and you think paying them more will help you fix the problem, think again.

Employees want to be part of something huge. Promote your vision to your employees. Show them that you are building something they will want to be part of and they will be more than happy to help you build that vision.

2.Learn How To Say “Thank You” Whenever an Employee Does Something Nice

A simple “thank you” can go a long way to evoke positive action and boost someone’s morale. Call your employees and simply thank them for being best at what they do. This will motivate them and increase the productive spirit of others.

You can show them how their effort has contributed to the success of the company and thank them for that.

3.Use Positive Speeches Whenever You Are Speaking To Them

Instead of saying “I went through the report of this month and it was horrible” rather try to say “thank you for submitting your report for this month so fast, let me show you how you could do better next time”By saying this, it will motivate them to work more next time. As an employer, focus on how it could be done better, not the way is currently done.

4.Reprimand Them in Private And Congratulate Them in Public.

Have you ever been congratulated by your boss in a room full of people and everybody started clapping for a job well done? How does it feel? It’s feels good right? Do the same thing for your employees and you will be surprised to see the result you will get.

If your employee makes a mistake, call him/her in your office and tell them what they did wrong and advise them or show them how to do it better.

5.Listen To Your Employees

Get out of your office and pay more attention to people around you. If someone seems demoralized, ask him/her what is the problem and what you can do to help.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company.

6.Be Flexible

If you notice that one of your employees is more productive working from home, just let him/her continue. If one of your employees want to come to work early in order to leave early, just let it be that way, as long as he/she is productive.

As an employer, you must understand that some people are more productive when they find themselves in certain situations or location. But you’re advised to be quick to notice if some on your team are abusing this manner of flexibilty. If such an attitude is noticed, take action bring them to order.

7.Make Them Feel As They Are An Integral Part of Your Business

Sharing your business goal with your team is a good idea. Explain to them how their work is helping the company grow.

For example someone may have complete eight hours worksheet for four months. They will be much more motivated if they can understand that this worksheet will be used at a presentation that will help the company raise money.

8.Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

For some employers, they think is necessary to shout all the time so that some employees can respect them. And some employers also believe that if they are vulnerable they will lose the respect of their subordinate.

This is not true. When you are going through hard times in your company, talk to your employees, let them know what is happening. They will understand what you are going through, and will put in effort to make sure that the company moves towards the right direction.

9.Lead By Example

Have you ever asked your employees not to abuse the company’s credit card? But that is exactly what you are doing.

Have you ever asked your employees not to come late to work and the next day you the employer is late.

Demonstrate to your employees that you are a great leader and preach to them by example.

10.Help Your Employees

Most managers keep asking themselves “what can my employees do for me” but I encourage you to think this way “ What can I do for my employees”.

Take them to lunch and ask them what are their goals. Maybe they want to learn new skills, which can help grow your business and need your help.

Maybe they want to take a training and you could write a letter of recommendation for them.

Thank you for going through this article and do not hesitate to leave your comments and I will be more than happy to reply.


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