The “Word of God” is for sale. Not the print version called ‘The Bible’. I mean, that’s the only real Word of God I know. I mean, the hope that is given by pastors and prophets to their congregations.

Pastors, Prophets, Men of God and “Daddy” make lots of money by selling hope in the following ways to their congregations

  1. Motivational speaking: You shall buy a new car by next month in Jesus name, AMEN!

  2. Poverty doctrine: Sell all you have and bring the money to the church, it is very difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God

  3. Packaged Hope: Anointing water for healing and Sacramentals

  4. Alms: Offering Tiiiimmmmmeeee!!!

  5. Miracle fees or the TV channel support fees for miracle channels.

This video by Derren Brown called “Miracles for Sale” will show you how these pastors and prophets (the fake ones) get to achieve these and squeeze so much money from you and your family.

The video is long and detailed. Be Warned.

After watching, what do you think?

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