According to Officials of the Cameroon  Railway Company (Camrail), compensation to the families of the victims who were involved in the Camrail train derailment has commenced. Over 50 families are reported to have been compensated FCFA 1.5 million each, ever since the process commenced.

The Camrail train derailment which occurred on Friday, 21st October left over 79 people dead, and hundreds injured. According to Crtv, Francoise Akondong father of a 34-year-old victim – Colins Eponebok, attested that he got information from the radio about the compensation of victims and decided to compile documents. He received a sum of 1.5million FCFA to assist in the burial of his son. After the burial, he will also compile other documents for compensation.

A compensation unit known as CAP 153 has been created at the Camrail office in Yaounde. Both injured victims and relatives of the deceased will be compensated according to the degree of damages caused.

Injured victims are also required to start processing documents at the crisis unit so as to claim their lost items.

Source: Crtv

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