The amount of technology which Cameroonians are implementing in Agriculture has increased over the years. One aspect which might soon become a norm is the use of agricultural drones.  Despite the unavailability, it’s already being used by a few farmers in Cameroon.

Using drones for crop surveillance can drastically increase farm crop yields while minimizing the cost of walking the fields or airplane fly-over filming. Agricultural drones can be used to monitor crops, and also to study their growth and behavior.

Guy Mouofo, a 28 years old provides advisory services to farmers on the use of drones in the North-West of Cameroon. His vision is to use it to take images and take aerial  photographs or videos for tourism or to help farmers especially those with large farms who need to monitor their crops. He explains in a video below how the drones can monitor as far as 1 km of your farms in quite a shorter time.

Mr. Joseph Forchu, a North West farmer explains how he uses the drones. “If I come in the morning, I stand by the side of the farm where it is clean and send the drone into the farm. It will give me a good view of the farm so I won’t go into the farm with the mud and all other things. It is very good for farmers to use. With the drone, you can monitor your farm in a shorter time.”

It’s a tool farmers should use more often. But this is impossible giving its unavailability. Guy Mouofo explains how he got his on ebay after 30 days of placing an order. He also adds that the drones crash easily, and it’s quite difficult to have the spare parts.

It’s no doubt that the use of drones by Cameroonian farmers will help improve their yields. What then is needed to be done? There should be an increase in awareness or training on the use of these tools. Maybe if the government also looks into providing some drones to some cooperatives it will go a long way to help.

Video taken from Agribusinesstv

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