If it hasn’t started yet, I think the time for a complete change of mentality about schooling and securing a job after, is now. University students should wake up from slumber and cast their gaze into the future of job markets and make informed decisions. While it’s not a profession (literally speaking), entrepreneurship is one way of surviving during and after graduation.

Make no mistake. I’m very much aware that not all must become entrepreneurs but that some could actually be informed, taught, and coached to become entrepreneurs of unimaginable success. This has been true for some who learned of tech and entrepreneurship hubs, attended their events and conferences, and finally got their entrepreneurial geniuses into full gear.

Three Sundays ago (January 27), the town of Buea experienced a sudden drop in the number of taxis in circulation. Taxi drivers avoided encountering the dreaded men in uniform. The local police and military forces had been out to enforce a municipal edict—force drivers to work on Mondays. Denizens of the English-speaking regions have, since January 2017, observed Monday as a ‘Ghost Town’ day. And most drivers didn’t want any confrontation and had no choice than to abandon passengers on the way. I was among those abandoned at Malingo junction.

Uninformed about the Silicon Mountain

Trekking was the only way out as it was getting dark and no hope of catching a taxi. As I walked, I came across a lady who told me she’s a final year student at the University of Buea. As a member of the Silicon Mountain community, I was eager to check with her if she knows anything about the community and the many promising startups and hubs therein. To my greatest surprise, she had no idea whatsoever.

Permit me to wonder aloud. How come someone who’s a few months away from graduation, living in Buea, yet knows nothing about the Silicon Mountain? This didn’t sound good to me and got me thinking.

ActivSpaces is the main tech hub in Buea (in particular) and Cameroon (in general). This hub has been at the forefront of organizing the prestigious Silicon Mountain Conferences. It has also organized countless other entrepreneurship events. To any curious student in this century, such hubs should be their second classrooms. There, they would learn practical skills that they would, otherwise, hardly ever get from the classrooms.

I’m so passionate about entrepreneurship and startup business. And that’s what all the names of the above startups are all about. I’ve been thinking that many young people bother to know what’s happening in the entrepreneurship world because traditional job markets are not so reassuring as they used to be two or three decades ago. But this encounter has just painted the reality – that many have not been able to visit the field of creativity and innovation.

Why aspiring university grads should prepare for entrepreneurship

Gone are the years when you graduate before you start moving about with uncountable customized applications and curriculum vitae from one office to the next in search of a job. The foregoing statement does not, in any way, reject that procedure or process. While it worked somehow in the past, it’s hardly useful in this generation. Startup businesses are the new normal way out.

If you live anywhere there’s a tech hub or entrepreneurship events happening, make an effort to visit the venue. Through this, you will expose yourself to many resourceful persons and wonderful ideas. It could also be that opportunity you needed to establish future business networks and even secure a job.

You have got no choice than to plan you are leaving the university upon graduating. This should be an active and not a passive decision. Of course, it is said that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” The choice lives with you.

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