Barely minutes after an intended peaceful protest by the University of Buea students, the police swarmed the university area. What ensued thereafter was akin to the David vs Goliath story, in which the students threw stones at heavily armed police officers.


University of Buea students being molested by the police

The students were soon dispersed with tear gas and some were caught, beaten and taken to the police station. For almost 2 hours, Molyko was in a state of panic as terror reigned. Dozens of students were rounded up by the police and molested. Then they were loaded in trucks and whisked off.


flogged and humiliated, this young man shares his pain.

To add insult to injury, the police officers stormed the “Dirty South” neighborhood which houses almost 60% of university students in Buea. The police invaded the mini cites, kicking down doors and dragging out suspects. While some were beaten, others fled and are currently in hiding.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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