Coding can be a lonely pursuit for any software developer. As such, it’s very easy to become dispirited, stressed out and as a result, lose your super coding skills. However, Felix Fomengia, a second-year student of Computer Engineering & Networking at the University of Buea Cameroon, has developed Cameroon’s first motivation app called Coders Motivation.

Launched on December 5, 2017, the application aims to keep coders and Android developers motivated in their lonely pursuit. Coders Motivation is the first motivation app that Cameroon has produced.

How many times have you grabbed your keyboard to code but you have no idea what to code? The purpose of coding is to solve problems. But if you can’t think of a problem that needs solving, there will definitely be nothing your app can solve.

coders motivation

According to the developer, Coders Motivation was born out of the frustration that comes with coding such as losing inspiration to code which usually results in poor coding skills. As a student, Fomengia had always experienced demotivation while trying to code.

“It was affecting my school projects really bad until I discovered motivational quotes from some of the world’s most successful developers like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.”

Fomengia believes this app will help programmers stay motivated and inspired to code. Felix Fomengia is also the founder and CEO of Afomchat Technologies Inc, a software development firm in Buea.

How it works

When launched, the application contains a grid view of options ranging from.

  • Developers Best Practices
  • Effective Resume Writing
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Towards Management
  • Developers Success Stories

coders motivationcoders motivation

These options do not only provide motivation inspirations for coders and developers, but also provide knowledge and assistance in the improvement of coding skills, excellent portfolio management, advertising oneself as a developer, stress management as a developer, career planning, building a career in software development and stories of the world’s most successful developers.

According to Fomengia, his idea to develop this motivation app hailed from his day-to-day challenges as a young software developer. Some of these challenges included; lack of inspiration, lack of avenues to advertise his personal skills as a developer, discouragement, and depression. These are common problems software developers encounter which often results in the lack of motivation and loss of skills.

The application currently has about 150+ downloads from Google Play Store with prospects of hitting across Africa.

By building the Coders Motivation app, Femengia notes that he has gained immense inspiration that has helped him improve his skills in developing Android applications. It is on this basis that he recommends the app to all coders and developers in need of inspiration, which is available on Google Play Store.

There comes a time in every coder’s life when they need a little kick of inspiration. If your brilliant ideas are no longer forthcoming, it might be time to consider Coders Motivation to get you pumped once more.


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