These days, it seems everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. One of the most popular sentences around now is: “I’m an entrepreneur.” Nothing wrong with that absolutely. My problem, however, is having lazy and less dedicated people make noise around this sentence.

A passionate entrepreneur dedicates himself to making his business the best it could be and consistently putting in ample time to grow even though it’s hard.

Let’s look at what dedicated entrepreneurs are always up to.

  1. They understand their valuable services and products and improve when a need arises. Understanding the value they create is not enough. They find and master different techniques for presenting the value to customers to attract them.
  2. Dedicated entrepreneurs are salespeople. You are a startup entrepreneur and you are spending your meager budget to set up an office with an Air Conditioner while customers have no clue you exist. If you can’t sell as an entrepreneur, go get a job. Develop stronger communication skills that will enable you to create a sales presentation for various types of customers for better profits.

Whether it’s running a tech startup, a restaurant, an NGO, success takes more than just saying, “I’m an entrepreneur”. You, therefore, need to be dedicated. If you have forgotten what I mean by dedicated, go back up and read carefully.

Have a successful dedicated day ahead


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