is a language based upon the illustrious Donald Trump. A team of coders has released a new library on Github that contains a (sort of) working programming language built on Python that mimics the behavior of Donald Trump.

This language was created by junior computer science majors Sam Shadwell, Chris Brown and Dan Korn at a Rice University hackathon.

This new programming language works exactly the same way as any other language, except it uses some particular syntax and rules to “make programming great again.”

If you make a mistake when programming with this  code, you’ll get a Trump quote instead of a typical error message.

TrumScript is a very interesting language  programmers should give a try and it contains the following features below

  • No floating point numbers, only integers. America never does anything halfway.
  • All numbers must be strictly greater than 1 million. The small stuff is inconsequential to us.
  • There are no import statements allowed. All code has to be home-grown and American made.
  • Instead of True and False, we have fact and lie.
  • Only the most popular English words, Trump’s favorite words, and current politician names can be used as variable names.
  • Error messages are mostly quotes directly taken from Trump himself.
  • All programs must end with America is great.
  • Our language will automatically correct Forbes’ $4.5B to $10B.
  • In its raw form, TrumpScript is not compatible with Windows, because Trump isn’t the type of guy to believe in PC.
  • The language is completely case insensitive.
  • And of course, the Github community is joining in by contributing to the development of the language.

TrumpScript is interesting but users should be aware : “Trump doesn’t like to talk about his failures. So a lot of the time your code will fail, and it will do so silently.”

If you are interested to know more about TrumpScriprit programming language click here


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