A true leader who keeps the interest of the people at heart deserves to be appreciated for his actions. The triumphant entry of Hon. Wirba to his hometown Jakiri on Friday the 16th of December 2016 clearly portrays that the people of English speaking Cameroon want liberation and freedom. He was received in glory and praised for making the voices of the people heard in the national assembly.

Earlier this week Hon. Wirba spoke out bitterly  for the anglophones (the people of West Cameroon) in the national assembly. He made a grave remark and in all sincerity, told the government that “when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty,” a quote which he borrowed from one of America’s great liberators Thomas Jefferson. He further buttressed the quote when he said “… the people of West Cameroon will resist you,” referring to the government.

After such a brave speech, the MP for Jakiri in the North West Region of Cameroon has become the ‘man of the people’ in the English speaking extraction of Cameroon. His speech brought smiles and hope in the hearts of the people as it was delivered right in parliament where it’s believed by many to be the right place for the exposition of the marginalisation of the people of West Cameroon for over 50 years.

The MP spoke with so much gusto even when his speech was interjected by a series of the banging sound of the gavel. He made clear to the MPs in attendance that there’s no point talking about a budget when the people he represents have been molested, maimed, raped and even killed.

How could such a man be rewarded for standing up for the people he represents? It’s only in trying to find a suitable response to the question that the people of his hometown of Jakiri in the Bui Division of the North West Region decided to welcome their leader in the manner displayed in the video.


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