Toure Teyou, a 25 year Old Silicon Mountain developer recently invented which is a powerful image compression library for . Basically, SiliCompressor is an that will compress an image of any format (PNG, GIF) into a very light image of format jpg.

In a discussion with Toure, he said, ” It all started when I was developing an app and I needed to capture a picture from camera and send to a server online but the picture from the camera was heavy From 2 to 4MB”. It is on this basis that Toure built his library, using an interesting algorithm that is implemented by giant messenger companies like WhatsApp.

Compression of images is necessary when we have to insert them in our page and do not want to increase your load time, to share more easily and for other reasons. Compressing images often involve loss of quality in them, but SiliCompressor will be careful to maintain the quality of your compressed images.

Presently, SiliCompressor is able to compress an image of 3.7MB to 47Kb and the Library is currently used to build an App Toure is developing. He is to release a new version of the library every 2 weeks and thinks it will move even faster when he gets good contributors.

A lot of people think that only internet-famous rock star programmers can contribute to open source projects. But Toure is saying SiliCompressor thrives on contributions from everyone, from beginners to experts, and even non-programmers.

Of course, code is where it all begins. And if you’re unsure of your own skills and hesitant to dive in, just stop that. No matter what your experience level, you’ll find that you can add something. The only way to know is to start.

At the moment, Toure is the ONLY contributor to the Project. Android Developers Interested in image compression are invited to be contributors to the project.

Checkout SiliCompressor and let Toure know what you think

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