I was Tortured, Victimized and Marginalized in my Country. Monday Night around 11:30pm after leaving from work, we were about to board a Taxi home and we were attacked and abducted by a group of gendarmes (about 24 of them, males and females ) with guns. They never asked us for any identification paper.We were brutally beaten and thrown up in their military truck full of their colleagues.

Inside the truck were other victims, I saw young girls aged about 22-26 beaten up and assaulted. We all ( about 13 victims) experienced gruesome beating, slapping, smacking and kicking for almost 4 hours and driving from BUEA to Mutenegene and back with no respect for breaking limits.

They were heavily armed with guns and threaten to shoot and bury us in an already prepared grave. Before my release, I was extorted off 80 000frs and left at BHS had to walk about 500m before getting a taxi with my injuries.
-We were abducted without questioning or ask to present our IDs.
-We were insulted for being anglophones
– we were held at gun points
-we were extorted
-women as suppose to have compassion but the female gendarmes were twice aggressive and brutal

Though I succeeded in protecting my face, I was freed with bruises and serious pain on my right ear. I thank God I came back alive and though some people will still take it as fun, still traumatized from the experience.

We have to stand up against Military Brutality on Civilians. When I see the pictures of these innocent students treated like medieval slaves it makes me question whether we have any leader among our community. I’m sure the governor, mayor and local chiefs were present in Buea when innocent young civilians were abducted and didn’t intervene immediately.

An Elf 


A true #Afrohusler





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