Organisational success is not achieved on a mountain peak, but it’s achieved in a conducive environment by a motivated productive team. Organisations depend on the commitment of its team players to attain goals. Teams usually consist of members who differ in personality, behaviour, perception, abilities and skills. Every business aspires to have a motivated productive team that will stay committed to work in unison to accomplish complex task on time.
Every teammate’s opinion should be considered and welcome

Moreover, organisations should focus on nurturing and empowering team members. Understanding why team members behave the way they do is paramount. It’s evident that, if an organisation understands the needs and wants of team members she will eventually know how to satisfy them, which will go a long way to boost their performances.

We have gone through some evaluation and research of startups in the Silicon Mountain community of Cameroon. We discovered that the secret to most recorded successes relied on their motivated productive teams. A perfect example is the team of engineers at and SmartFinance. At this juncture, I will walk you through 5 etiquette tips to build a motivated productive team.


  1) Organisational team leaders must be communicative to their team

Communication is a vital element in building a team culture. Team members must communicate to one another. Communication enables members to express their point of view regarding a particular task. More so, communicating to another enables team members to share meaningful knowledge. Likewise, lack of trust in and honest communication will damage a team’s integrity. Team communication will rescue a situation of deviation from standards and calls for an instant course of action (concurrent control).

2) Create opportunities for certification where teammates can learn more skills

Learning is an ongoing process. It’s imperative that teammates are given the opportunity to learn more skills. We know of organisations that spend a fabulous amount of money on employees. This aspect of investing in employees eventually add more value to companies as these acquired skills enables team members to double their output, automatically increasing a firm’s overall productivity. To boast of a motivated productive team, companies should encourage and sponsor employees to attain further study and acquire the contemporary needed skills and knowledge to blow up success. One does grow old ever learning

3) Do team activities together

Group of business colleagues discussing at desk in office
Group of business colleagues discussing at desk in office

A family that prays together stays together, so they say. Same as a team that do team activities regularly attain their goals and stay motivated due to accomplishment. Working together regularly enables group dynamics, understanding, and interpersonal relationships amongst teammates. According to the Hawthorn experiment of the general electric by Elton Mayo, interpersonal relationships amongst workers led to an increase in productivity contrary to increasing working conditions.

4) Motivation

Everyone is encouraged to do more if they are motivated. This helps team members feel elated and increase productivity by dedicating their time to accomplish assigned tasks. Motivation can be both financial and non-financial. Financial can be the performance related bonus and non-financial can be deep appreciation and moral support. Whenever a team achieves a milestone, profit should be shared respectively apart from their salaries.

5) Team appraisal and growth

Every person will love to be praised or compensated for achieving defined goals. It’s our human nature to feel important in certain scenarios. Given an award to a team member will not only motivate that team member but it will motivate others to contribute tremendously so as to gain such an award and praises. Teammates appraisal could be done  using key performance indicators as measurement factor. We acknowledge the fact teams do make mistakes too, so an external party needs to appraise them and take them to the next level.



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