Kamer’s Afro Pop female sensation Tilla  is an experienced artist  who has a deep understanding of the industry and is noted for her remarkable music debuts and ability to speak out.

On 3rd May, 2017, Tilla aired out her frustrations via her Facebook portal. She sent out a message of  advice to younger artists not to fall victim to the exploits of music labels and producers.

All these so called labels that come and exploit us in the name of wanting to promote showbiz in Cameroon are thieves! , Tilla cries out

Tilla is her own boss signed to the record label she founded Queen Mother records. What could have ignited her frustrations? Probably, this is a sensitive issue. She might have fallen prey to such predicaments and past experiences when she initiated her music career.

To my opinion she has made her point clear.She has a right to air out her experiences and advice younger artists in the industry. Labels should be of a good conduct in their task of artist management.

Every artist has a peak period when he/she glows. It’s the responsibility of a label to stand solidly behind an artist to enable them to stay atop but not to forsake them in their thriving moments.


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