The structure of Cameroonian weddings has really stayed the same for decades now. One of the biggest changes to come along with the internet (woohoo!) is . Tikay’s Bridal is an online platform that provides  rich resources for Cameroonian couples seeking reliable information on local wedding vendors,  as well as useful tips on .

Tikay’s  Bridal  will serve as the Platform you need as you plan to celebrate the most important day of your life. From the engagement party to the choosing of the gown, the bridesmaids dresses, the groom, and groomsmen, and the over the edge honeymoon.  This is the first online platform in for wedding planning.

TechCrunch-Africa (TCA) got the chance to interview the founder of Tikay’s Bridal, to know more about the business idea behind Tikays Bridal. Kareen Tikay, a 26 years old lady is the proud CEO of Tikay’s Bridal. Below are excerpts from the interview:

TCA: Could you introduce us to the business idea behind Tikay’s Bridal?

Kareen: Tikay’s Bridal is a concept born out of the need to make the wedding planning process easy for every couple looking forward to the happiest day of their lives. This Concept came to live after I experienced the stress that a cousin of mine went through trying to get things done during her wedding. It felt bad to see a bride so beautiful not concentrate on her happiness but struggle with vendors that she had a hard time dealing with because she never had many options to choose from. is a Cameroonian online market where anyone with wedding goods and services can create a profile to advertise his or her products via a gallery (Pictures/Video). On the other hand, couples all over Cameroon can visit the website and have the contacts of a variety of vendors to choose from, to handle their wedding arrangements. Couples no longer have to depend on one or two family recommended vendors that they are not sure of. allows them to see a variety of vendors to choose from.

TCA: How did the business idea for Tikay’s Bridal come about? How did you zero-in on the name ‘Tikay’s Bridal’?

Kareen: Well, the name TIkay’s Bridal, is derived from my own name – Tikay, with Bridals making clear the focus of the Business in question – Brides.

TCA: Tell us about the background of the Founder.

Kareen: Kareen Takem is a young Lady with a Masters degree in Quality Management, who has always had a mind drawn towards innovative ideas. I have had my share in the Cameroonian showbiz scene too, being a model part-time. But above all I see myself as a dynamic young lady who intends to contribute to the growth of this great country, thus giving a push to the timid Cameroonian wedding industry and making wedding planning a beautiful experience for every bride, who deserves to be a princess on her big day!

TCA: What is the size of the market that you’re addressing?

Kareen: It is  by observing the Cameroonian wedding market that I realized that a platform that focuses on the needs of couples planning their wedding would be welcome. Tikay’s Bridal is not just online. It is also a magazine that focuses on wedding inspirations and showcases real weddings that inspire upcoming couples.

TCA: Is there acceptance for your concept?

Kareen: Well, it’s only natural that anyone who becomes aware of Tikay’s Bridal website embraces the concept very tightly and with great Smile! It is the dream of almost every business person in the Cameroon wedding industry to have a targeted Cameroonian audience that is sure to get him/her the clients they need. It is important to note that despite the importance of this sector in Cameroon, 80 percent of those thriving in the wedding business are small sized sole owned businesses that can hardly afford large scale publicity of their services to a targeted Cameroonian audience. On the other hand, reduces the stress of the bride who wants to get married tomorrow and has no idea where to start. Wherever you are on national territory, all you need to do is visit the site and choose your location. You get to find vendors in your location of interest. is obviously a vital tool that has been created to facilitate the relationship between wedding vendors and Couples(clients).

 TCA: Where do you see Tikay’s Bridal in five years from now?

Kareen: Five years from now I see Tikay’s Bridal being the Source of Happiness for both Wedding Vendors and Couples. Five years from now, anyone getting married will immediately see the platform as the sure source of information they need for reliable contacts on Cameroon’s top wedding vendors.

TCA: What is Tikay’s Bridal Revenue model? Are you looking at raising funds?

Kareen: Having an account on Tikay’s Bridal platform will NOT cost you a dime! It is completely FREE! Simply open an account and advertise your products. You are free to visit the website and get valuable information you need. Concerning fundraising, we are ready to welcome investors or any other persons who want to invest in Tikay’s Bridal.

TCA: What are the challenges that you faced while developing your solution? How did you overcome those challenges?

Kareen: The Challenges Faced have been many! But the Greatest challenge of all has been to get the website on point, to serve the purpose for which it is intended. I’m happy that with the collaboration of a dynamic team, we have been able to reach that objective. Of course, we keep working with a view of continuous improvement in all processes.

TCA: How big is the team behind Tikay’s Bridal? Are you looking at hiring?

Kareen: I have a wonderful team that has been very supportive of my idea and has never relented efforts. I’m very proud of them. And of course, as our objectives keep going forward, we will find the need to add to our team. When the time comes, We will make it known. (smiles).

To know more, visit the site. Also, do let us know about thoughts and views by writing to us at


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