Two different applications with similar names and having the same features to help manage Njangi (tontines) online have been developed by three Cameroonians. The applications are , developed by Achilles Solomon Nghukam Noussi and Eddy Joël Tchousse Lonkeng; both graduates in Computer Science at the University of Douala and developed by Jules Guilain Kenfack, a Computer and Telecommunications engineer based in Germany.


i-Djangui was selected during the MTN Innovation Challenge closing ceremony and was ranked among the three best projects in the competition. “The application will provide security by preventing members of Njangi groups to walk with money; it will also provide flexibility because the distance will pose no problem”, Says Achilles Noussi Nghukam, a co-founder of the app.

2. Djangui

The second app, “Djangui” was announced on Thursday 12, May 2016 by investiraucameroun. Just as the first application, users can also securely make their Njangi contributions via mobile payment platforms like Paypal, Orange Money and MTN Mobile Money.

With the help of these two platforms, the members of a tontine, locally called Njangi, can chat online with an instant messaging service; vote their leaders, have access to meeting minutes, borrow money from the Njangi account, prepare reports that can be done even by video conferencing, etc.

Any confusion?

When interviewed by, Achilles Noussi Nghukam i-Djangui’s co-founder stated that no confusion exists between the two applications. Hear him “I do not know who Jules Guilain Kenfack is, although he had developed something similar to our product, it remains far from our vision”. He went further to say “This gentleman came later with an application with similar functionality. But OK! The market is open”.

“Djangui” of Jules Guilain Kenfack still in the development phase, that is to add more features, has already been tested in Germany by four different Njangi groups made up of Cameroonians. Meanwhile “i-Djangui” will be launched in the days ahead, says Achilles.

The “i-Djangui”  won a one million FCFA prize during the MTN Innovation Challenge and joined a 6-month incubation program to turn their products into a profitable company.

According to the microfinance strategy document of Cameroon elaborated by the Ministry of Finance in April 2013, Cameroonian tontines operate globally with approximately FCfa 190 billion. This document moreover indicates that 58% of Cameroonians prefer Njangi because the contributions generate more interest and access to loans is less restricted than with banks and microfinance establishments.

Njangi microfinance existed in Cameroon before the Grameen bank was founded win India or before Mohammed Yunnus got the Nobel Prize.

To download the “Djangui”app click here.

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