Do you want thousands of visits on a daily basis to your site at no cost? Most online businesses pull a great deal of traffic from  social media which is a good idea but making use of focus keyword and keyword tools will earn you thousands of visits in a twinkle of an eye.

As a search marketer, keywords are your currency and language. Keywords are what drive the topics of the content you create, your PPC campaigns, and even peripherally the interests you target on social media.

Access to a tool with keyword ideas and indicators of relative importance of one keyword over another is an absolute necessity.

5 simple tools that help you find keyword ideas, that give you thousands of visits

Ahrefs: Alongside Ahrefs’ backlink reporting and organic traffic dashboards, they have a really powerful keyword research tool which provides keyword ideas as well as search volume for all match types. For those conducting keyword research for SEO, Ahrefs has a keyword difficulty score metric which recently in head to head testing was declared to be slightly more accurate than other tools that offer a similar feature. Ahrefs is a paid tool, but if you sign up for a free trial and then cancel, you will maintain access to a free version of their tool.


SEMRush: SEMRush has a keyword tool that is driven by its huge dataset of search data from 26 different countries. SEMRush results return keyword ideas, estimated search volume, estimated cpc, keyword difficulty score, and current ranking domains for a keyword.



Moz: Moz recently launched their own dedicated keyword explorer as a supplement to their SEO research suite. You can choose from nearly any location in the globe to conduct your search and  filtering options allow you to exclude your specific query term to get more ideas, or even choose only question phrases that contain your keyword. Keyword results include related query ideas alongside estimated search volume and a keyword difficulty score. Moz also shows domains curre




Wordstream: Primarily a paid tool to help search marketers manage their pay per click campaigns. Wordstream has a free keyword tool which allows a limited number of searches. Free results only include related keywords, but Wordstream’s paid subscribers can see search volume too.

7Search: was one of the world’s first PPC networks. Although you may not have met someone who’s ever used it. Their keyword tool is really simple to use and its free. Results include keyword ideas as well as search volume on the 7Search network.

Apart from using Google keyword Planner, it’s still helpful to use some of the tools above when conducting keyword research just to get another perspective.

Don’t be surprise to experience thousands of visits when you start using these keywords tools effectively.



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