Mr. Fritz Ekwoge the developer of the multi-award winning app Feem, gave a talk on the theme of this year’s event ‘Think Global Build Local”. 

He stated that the best way for us to make a difference is to Glocalize! Oh yes, Glocalization.  It is the adaptation of international products around the particularities of a local culture in which they are sold. The process allows integration of local markets into world markets. Glocalisation is what is going to emerge Cameroon and the rest of Africa out of poverty.

In order to succeed in business, entrepreneurs and startups need what is called an unfair advantage. It’s the only way they can remain at the Top. When creating a business, you can decide to Think Local and Build Local but that works only in an environment where you have a huge market. But in order to have a breakthrough in the world market, you should “Think Global and Think Local”.

Cameroon has an unfair advantage over other nations in the fact that we have;

Raw talent + small market = billingualism + offline

“We have raw talent as compared to other nations. As a small market, we have the advantage to build a product for consumption worldwide. More advantageous is the fact that we speak both English and French”, Mr. Ekoge emphasized.

Mr. Ekoge Fritz concluded his address stating that Silicon Mountain Buea is the best place to “think global and build local”. 

Think Global and Build Global.

Think Local and Build Local

Think Global and Build Local is the right thing to do.

Examples of such products that were built to be consumed globally but were locally built are Feem, Njorku, Skademy, LCM Tours, amongst others. With such products consistently being developed many problems will be solved



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