The other tech giants.
They don’t like us.
They want to kill us.
They don’t provide development resources for us.
They want to have it all.

The tech giants

We are hyper-successful in the Desktop realm. They fear we’ll do same if they give us a chance in a mobile and social world.
Facebook will not provide any official authentication system for us.
Google does same. Everyone now is NoSQL with mobile which is taking the world by storm, yet GoogleFirebase, CouchDB, etc, will not provide any official implementations for us.
They want us to rot in hell. They want our mobile app store to rot in hell with us.

Even the app giants

They make all the viral apps only for them. So that kids don’ know about us and newbie app developers don’t think of us.
They don’t care about us.
They say iOS guys are rich and Android fellows are poor but nice. They say they don’t just like us.
Naïve people think we are shit – That is how they want you to think.
Sometimes, our fans write petitions to them to develop versions for us. They still refuse. Can you imagine? , etc.
They will not make official apps for us. , , , etc.
They will make the poorest versions for us. , etc.
They don’t want anybody to think good of us.


Yet, we support them in a huge way.

  • More than 400 million downloads of the mobile apps on iOS and Android
  • More than 30 million active users of Outlook on iOS and Android and is the highest rated email client on all stores.
  • The Office mobile apps that were built for touch-first on mobile devices were released first on iOS and Android
  • The EMS MAM containers for enabling Data Loss Prevention were delivered first on iOS and Android.
  • Even the all new Groove Music Player available on iOS

After all this support, they encourage only themselves.

  • Google has no official app running on Windows. They have a lot running on iOS
  • Nothing to even say about Apple.

They really want to flush us down the drain.
We like to work together. Ask Linux guys. “Microsoft Loves Linux”.
We got the new .NET Core open source and available on all platforms.
We love tech and other tech guys.

In all, they forget one thing, we are WINDOWS

We will not die. We will keep growing.

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