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My business partner from Senegal sent me a video today on Whatsapp. I watched it, tried to feel ashamed being white, but I couldn’t. Why ? Because, even though I’m white, it’s not my fault that people of my SKIN color did all those atrocities – and still do.

In my view this has nothing to do with COLOR or culture or history or heritage. It has to do with the HUMAN ATTRIBUTE AND CHARACTERISTIC. Means when Africans would have been in the same situation as the colonists were at that time (and would be now), who can tell if they would have behaved differently ?

The victim is never necessarily the better person. It might just not have the chance to be the cause.

The human being itself is the problem, not the race or nationality or color. That archaic drive for survival, located at the Amygdala in the brain which is responsible for EMOTIONS, is the cause. Evolution could not keep the pace with our technological and societal development. What used to be a drive for survival has been perverted to a drive for power, greed and delusional value which will ultimately end when the subject dies. An entry into history can only be of value for the person being alive to live that !

Egoism and selfishness and the fact that people are aware that they live for 80 to 90 years only (some….) make them taking decisions which (in reality) suit THEIR lifetime. When humans would live up to 500 years they might behave differently because they would be DIRECTLY concerned…

Watch the video and judge. I agree fully on it. But I doubt that Africans would behaved differently when they would have been in our place.

Induviduals are nice people everywhere. But beware of a mass of people who follow the same idea and provoke its realization by force – no matter if black, white, or whatever color ­čśë



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