After several years of trying to break into the music industry, Belinda Senjo aka BSenjo is finally making waves with the release of her single “Make a Change”. The 23-year-old gives us an insight into her story, and the reason behind the title of her new single “Make a Change”.

BSenjo originates from the Northwest Region of Cameroon precisely from Nso. Just like every talented singer, she started music at the age of 13 and says it was the point where she realized she had the talent to sing and touch souls. Whenever she sang, many people will walk up to her and encourage her to make good use of her gift. As a result, she joined her high school choir and guess what- she was immediately made choir leader. BSenjo also took part in many singing competitions.

“I engaged myself in many singing competitions like the Coca-Cola competition which helped to expose me to the world and boost up my confidence, ” she said.

All of these led her to make her first big move in 2010, which was releasing an album. With so much faith, she definitely thought it will land her a fortune, but unfortunately for her, it didn’t go too well due to certain difficulties.

“In 2010, I released my first album “Stand on your faith” which didn’t go anywhere due to lack of publicity and finance. Coupled with the fact that I was in school. I encountered many challenges from friends and family who tried to discourage and bring me down because I was “a nobody” singing rubbish according to them.”

In 2013, something great happened which must have been a life-changing opportunity for her. BSenjo won the American DV Lottery. She explains it was the most overwhelming feeling ever. This also led to the birth of her single “Make a Change”.

“I felt something I had never felt before. With the joy in me, I visited the studio and recorded a freestyle of my life titled “Make a Change” thus encouraging the underprivileged not to give up and always have hope.”

When she got to the U.S, she started doing covers of artists who inspired her. Some of these artists included Beyoncé and Mariah Carey. She will post these covers on social media, where she had a good number of followers. In 2014, she decided to showcase her talent to the world, and what better place than America’s Got Talent. She never made it to the live shows, but this in no way discouraged her.

It was at this juncture, that she decided to inspire someone with her story. She went ahead to work on her already recorded song. This song is for all kids who don’t get the chance to experience family love because they grew up with extended family.

“This song is to encourage all those kids who go through maltreatment from family members that it won’t be for long. Also to warn those family members who maltreat their nieces and nephews because they are not their biological kids.” She says.

“These kids are instead the ones who will be better off tomorrow .So we need to make a change. I am also doing this for my dad. I want him to be proud of me. He wasn’t a part of my life while I was growing up but he showed up at a very crucial point when I needed him the most. Love you dad. In all, music is life to me.”

What an inspiring, and interesting story. Hope make a change leads BSenjo to gives her the breakthrough she deserves. I don’t think it’s something you wouldn’t want to share.

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