The inventor of the cardiopad, Arthur Zang, from Cameroon is the winner of the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. TechCrunch Africa reported last month that Arthur Zang was one of the finalists of the aforementioned competition.

The cardiopad is  a touch screen medical tablet that enables patients in rural areas to easily examine and detect the present condition of their hearts. The introduction of this device has greatly curbed the hurdles faced by cardiac patients travelling to urban areas for medical examination.

Judge Malcolm Brinded of Dar es Salaam was impressed by the works of Arthur Zang. Malcolm further said that Arthur’s business plan is sound and his innovation could improve the quality of life for millions of Africans.

How the Cardiopad Works

A huge proportion of Cameroonians and Africans in general, suffer from cardiac disease which automatically leads to untimely death. Moreover, there are roughly 50 cardiologists for 22 -million citizens.  The cardiopad – which helps heart specialists to examine and diagnose patients without needing to see them physically – has the ability to conduct cardiovascular diagnosis from anywhere in the world.

The cardiopad which looks like a mini-iPad works when a wireless set of four electrodes and a sensor are attached to the patient. This enables the device to take digitized electrocardiogram reading of the patient’s heart function. Thanks to the cardiopad the rural doctor can send test results to cardiologists, specialist heart doctors in urban centres who can then make a diagnosis and send it back to the health worker along with prescription instructions.

As the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation encourages young African talented engineers, ambitious engineers should focus their skills to develop solutions for local challenges as Arthur did. Engineers should focus on their community as it is always said ‘’charity begins at home’’. I ,therefore, use this forum to encourage African engineers to keep working; for its only such inventions and innovations that Africa will become an emerging Economy.


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