The French language newspaper, L’Epervier, has reported that the Turkish government is working together with its Cameroonian counterpart to set up a pioneer arms and ammunition manufacturing factory in Cameroon.

It was reported by the newspaper on March 02, 2016 that a Turkish army General, Saban Umut had a working session with the minister delegate at the presidency of Cameroon in-charge-of defence, Joseph Beti Assomo on the 29th of February in Yaounde to work out plans.

The L’Epervier newspaper also noted that General Saban Umut had earlier met with Cameroon’s Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence in-charge-of National Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Boka and army chief staff, Rene Claude Meka.

This is all happening against the backdrop of the challenges faced by the Cameroon armed forces in the wake of the Boko Haram insurgency. And it is about time the government also consider the manufacture and  use of modern technologies like the drones and employ Cameroonian experts from the IT sector, quoted in president Paul Biya’s address to the youth as the ‘Android Generation’ to join in the fight against this deadly enemy.

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