The past few years, we Africans have begun appreciating who we are, from outfits to hair and even our bodies. So why not transition this into many other aspects which are almost dead and gone. What if we included our traditional games into the African Games (Africa’s Olympic Games). Those games which are gradually dying as a result of Play Station and the rest. If it doesn’t sound awesome to you, then maybe you are not of my new movement . For those of us who have no clue about what this writer is talking about, let me hint you on the various games.

  1. Donkey Racing.

    This race is more common in Kenya specifically on the beautiful Lamu Island. The people use donkeys everyday as a means of transportation thus, making it easy for them. In the lunar month of Rabi’ al-awwal, the resident of Lamu hold festivities to celebrate the fiesta of the annual Maulidi. One of the most popular events during the celebration is donkey racing. Kenyans might obviously sweep all the gold medals if it were included in our games.

    The start of a donkey race
    Kenya-The start of a donkey race along Lamu’s seafront
  2. Nguni stick-fighting.

    This is a martial art traditionally practiced by teenage Nguni herdboys in South Africa. Each combatant is armed with two long sticks, one of which is used for defense and the other for offense. Little armor is used. Zulu stick-fighting uses an isiquili or attacking stick, an uboko or defending stick and an izolihauw or defending shield.

  3. Wrestling.

    Of course we wrestle, but that traditional African feel isn’t present. I mean the type where, the battle ground is made up of sand (I think so) and the wrestlers have a cloth wrapped in a very technical way round their manhood. Growing up in Cameroon, kids always referred to it as “pala pala”. However, the game in Senegal is Called “laamb,” It dates back to a century, and began as recreation for fisherman and farmers. It’s said that today top-tier fighters can command $100,000 per match, and it rivals football (soccer) in popularity. with us your thoughts on these games being introduced into the African Games, which is recognised as our own Olympic games. Why not give your own suggestions.


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