The giant Kenyan tech blog, , has been in maintenance mode for some days now. During this time, all conversations around technology, mobile & internet in Africa will be re-directed to .com

A lot of “fans” of Techmoran, myself inclusive are asking questions. “could Techmoran be facing technological challenges of keeping up in the swiftly evolving news ecosystem?” As of now, we keep our fingers crossed while waiting for Techmoran to give feedback to their “fans”, who have been news-starved for some days now.

Online news consumption has risen sharply in the past years. In fact, online was the only category of news that showed growth in Pew Research Center’s 2012 News Media Consumption survey, with 50% of participants testifying that they got information about the survey from online. This Detail is enough reason to prove to anyone that there is high demand as years unfold for online news consumption.

In the Meantime, the Kenyan audience is expected to turn to for online content focused on technology.

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