The Urban Community of Douala, in a bit to improve on public transport security, has decided to provide clients with secure taxis. The organisation in charge of mayor’s service has announced the launch of Taxis Varified.

According to Business in Cameroon, Taxis Varified are secure taxis which individuals can easily and quickly book in Douala. This will be done via a smartphone application also called Taxis Varified. Phone numbers have also been provided for those without smartphones.

“For those who do not have smartphones, Varified is also available by calling 695 569 483 or 681 221 023,” the sponsors of this application informed.

It is said that the taxis function with a GPS-tracker. However, they seem to be affordable. Booking for a shared ride starts at FCFA 500, up to FCfa 1,500 for a classic ride.

“We are in contact with a Japanese institutional investor and others, to inject important sums (FCFA 100 million) to equip the vehicles with GPS trackers and renew the vehicles through hire-purchases with serious drivers”, one of the sponsors of the project announced.

Looking at my Google play store as at now, I can’t find Taxis Varified. Obviously, the app is still to be put up. So stay on the alert and get it installed as soon as it is released. Your security in the town of Douala will now be based on the decision you make about what mode of transportation to take.

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