February is the month of love and businesses are on the move to satisfy their clientele. In a bid to meet up with clients’ needs on Valentine’s Day, Tanda Gardens is partnering with female entrepreneurs. Tanda Gardens is a Zambian local florist company which provides flower arranging, gardening, landscape, and other amazing services to its clientele.

This collaboration offers clients special gifts. A mixture of hampers and arrangements that will include delicious edibles from partners: African Butterfly and Savanna Premium Chocolates. Tanda Gardens will take care of flowers done by them with organically made filters grown from their farms.

The company’s “small business” approach translates her passion for personalization as opposed to standardization in order to push volumes. Small is beautiful, especially when combined with commitment, quality, and creativity.

According to the founder, if you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way. Having existed for over 21 years, the company strives to encourage more collaborations with female entrepreneurs while satisfying her customers.

About Tanda Gardens

In 1992, Margaret Rose Chisanga founded Tanda Gardens with the aim of providing both personalized and unique arranging services. This came at a time when these services were lacking in the flower industry.

Zambian Company, Tanda Gardens Collaborates with Female Entrepreneurs for a Special Valentine’s Day
Margaret Rose Chisanga: Founder of Tanda Gardens

The company also provides gardening and landscape services as well as grows its own flowers and filters, using organic methods and compost.

Her clientele comes from both notable corporations and institutions. The company has a professionally trained staff that understands trends in the flower industry.   

The idea behind this initiative was to provide personalized and unique flower arranging services to Tanda’s customers. According to Tanda Garden’s Creative Consultant, Sarah Banda, the company believes in paying special attention to its customers. As a result, they have this special Tanda touch to their flowers that always keeps customers coming back for more.


In a bid to give customers the best, the local florist decided to partner with female-led businesses. Her collaborators are African Butterfly and Savanna Premium Chocolates. African Butterfly supports small-scale farmers and produces organic herbs and lettuces for the restaurant and hotel market in Lusaka. The company is working closely with women who don’t have a full-time income by training them to acquire culinary and marketing skills.

On the other hand, Savanna Premium Chocolate is Zambia’s first bean to bar chocolate maker and chocolatier that’s passionate about making chocolate using the finest cocoa beans grown in Africa. The company was co-founded by two Zambian sisters Lynn Musonda Phiri and Chiinga Musonda. Their goal is to expand the value chain of the cocoa beans industry in Africa while creating a global brand of African-made luxury chocolates.

Collaborating with young rising female entrepreneurs is a way to encourage women to empower each other. This is possible through collaborations and partnerships which will lead to success among these parties. Moreover, most local female-owned businesses don’t support each other. Thus, Tanda’s role is to break this mold to prove that partnership is possible.

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