Whether Sunday afternoons, or weekday evenings, I bet you will agree with me that all that quarreling during your “djangui” or “reunion” is not worth it sometimes. It is true physical presence counts a lot but this solution is better than any that ever existed.

Why should you go through all the stress when developers keep easing everything for you? Meet the Djangui app, the solution for all tontines. Jules Guilian Kenfack a Cameroonian computer and telecommunications engineer, created this app to connect your friends worldwide. By this I mean, your tontine members can meet up their obligations from anywhere in the world.

It’s simple! Through “Djangui”, all you need to do is download it from your play store, and you will  be able to pay your contributions via Paypal, Orange Money and MTN Mobile Money. Not just that; the other services include

  • Exchange with the members of the tontine through an instant message service
  • Organise automatic lotteries
  • Vote for the members of the board and have the minutes of the previous meetings.
  • Take loans from the tontine’s account
  • Have the minutes of the previous meeting, and write the minutes of meetings which can also be done through videoconferencing, etc.

Though in its development phase, “Djangui” is available both in English and French. According to  Jules Guilian Kenfack, the app is already being used successfully in Germany, by four tontines with Cameroonian members living in Europe. So what are you waiting for?

Technology has come to save you from  that talkative woman in your meeting, and you want to second guess the opportunity… Please Don’t! Goodbye to traditional methods, embrace this with arms wide open.

According to the microfinance strategy document of Cameroon elaborated by the Ministry of Finance in April 2013, Cameroonian tontines operate globally with approximately FCFA 190 billion. That obviously, has grown over the years. What better way to manage them.

Learn how to use the app here

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