The results of Tony Elemelu Entrepreneurship Program 2016 () edition  is out, and 1000 persons have been selected from the 45,000 applicants as worthy to get into the program.

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The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) is an initiative of the Tony Elumelu Foundation designed to fund 10,000 African entrepreneurs over a period of 10 years. The programme is open to citizens and legal residents of all African countries.

Although the list is highly dominated by Nigerian entrepreneurs (as expected), I couldn’t help but focus on the Cameroonian winners. Trust me that’s all I saw. The rest of the page, especially the section with the Nigerian names was like some verses of one of the books in the Pentateuch. I’m not a fan of the Pentateuch (a discussion for another day). So, I don’t know the name of any Nigerian who was selected. I only saw the name of Tah Teche.

Teep2016 cameroonian winners
List of Cameroonian Winners for the TEEP2016

Yep! That’s all I saw, Tah Teche.

Tah Teche.

I’m from the Silicon Mountain, and Tah Teche is from the Silicon Mountain, forgive me if that’s all I saw. I promise to check on the whole list after I’m done with this article. Maybe I’ll write another article.

So, who is Tah Teche?, and What was he selected for?

First question. Who is Tah Teche?

Tah Teche, who are you?

And behold, he answers from LinkedIn  – ‘Google Computer Science Ambassador – Buea, Geology Student, and self-trained Web Developer.’

Like hell yeah! there’s a lot more about Tah, and his old LinkedIn profile even says it. By the way, Teche, update your LinkedIn profile.

Anyways, let’s get on with this.

Tah Teche was selected for his project Cranium Inc.  Haha! I got you clicking on Cranium Inc. There is nothing there, no URL, no website. I asked Tah what Cranium is all about, he said it’s a top secret, but TONY LOVED IT.

And I was like, What? WTF!

You ain’t got no website yet and Tony loved it? I began thinking, ‘what the hell does Tony think about, selecting someone who has a project without a website?’

Anyways, Cranium’s CTO, Blaise Fringel said: “We are a company aimed at building products that affect our immediate community”.  When I asked, if that’s all, he said, “No, Tony loved it”

What can I say? Tah Teche tried all he could to make me see and accept that their business is in Stealth Mode and I should accept it that way?

If you didn’t make it to TEEP2016 winners list, just know that he still has 8 more times to do it again. Try again next year.



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