Tabot Kevin Arrey Ngang is one of Silicon Mountain’s prodigies behind the vibrant tech community of Buea. Many of you are proud of  Cameroon’s vibrant tech ecosystem and solutions it comes forth with.

The silicon mountain tech community is a home of innovation and Africa’s next tech hub as proclaimed by the BBC.

This community was built by young minds who decided to stay back in Buea and make something out of nothing.

Tabot Kevin goes with hacker handler, CRUCIFIX, and also the founder of the python community of Buea. Python is just a programming language, not the snake that swallows its prey. There you go grinning. Hahaha.

He is a Computer Hacking and Security enthusiast who became so passionate about coding at a tender age. He told Afro Hustler about his obsession with computers since back in secondary school.

Unlike any other techie, in spite of his exceptional programming skills and tech-savvy nature Tabot hasn’t got a startup of his own.

AfroHustler inquired why he owned no startup and platform. ”I am like a songwriter. I like being in the back and really enjoy the feeling I get when I sit in the back and watch the platforms I have built succeed,” he responded.

He actually built and played an instrumental role in startup projects in the likes of acaexpertiseBridge Africa,  and Afrikfid respectively.

Tabot has worked on a plethora of projects for clients. He developed an internal sales platform for afrikfid. This daredevil is the co-founder of Binewa and has equity in

“My goal is to create an environment in the Silicon Mountain where it won’t be difficult to find the best engineers in any domain of software engineering. This is because I have got an extensive experience in a lot of tools and programming languages.’

“I love to work with startups from inception to help them grow  because I  have extensive experience in a lot of tools and programming languages.”

Tabot expressed his admiration for Skademy and his willingness to join the Skademy engineers.  Skademy is an online platform where anyone can login to acquire digital skills for a small fee (if you wish to earn a certification).

“Teaching others the things I know is my call and Skademy is a good platform and the idea is brilliant. It’s my hope to make Skademy scalable to support 500 million active users so that the whole of Africa can benefit from such a brilliant platform,” he told Otto Akama founder of Skademy.

With a Bachelors degree in Physics from the University of Buea, this hacker decided to pursue his passion by acquiring knowledge in computer programming.

”My personal opinion is that the education curriculum of Cameroon is a waste of time, so employers should stop asking people about their certificates and focus more on what people can do.”

As a freelance, Tabot is currently developing and programming financial models for the stock market working with a U.S company.

”I am now developing a social mobile application that can allow lawyers to interact with clients and the rest of the world. It’s Kind of like social media for lawyers,” he said.

Looking forward to giving an extensive knowledge of the API infrastructure for MTN, Orange, and Nexttel, he founded the Python community to train and mentor younger minds.

Afro Hustler recognises and appreciates the efforts of this talented programmer. Tabot has an open mind willing to teach and engage in startup projects to help it grow.

Connect with Kevin Tabot on Facebook and Twitter.


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