Learning is a continuous process of life. In our last review, we examined some principles of success every young entrepreneur needs to know before venturing into any business. In case you missed out, you can still join the flow by going through the Principles of success for young African Entrepreneurs part 1, before continuing here.


As an entrepreneur, you must understand that the world you are venturing into is made only for competitors. The world is not willing to believe that you have something good to offer until you can prove it.

Principles of Success for Young African Entrepreneurs part 2

Especially, when the service or product you are offering is related to something they already know. You must always learn to employ a competitive spirit in order to excel greatly. If you are not ready to compete, you are not ready to be an entrepreneur.


To every action, there is a reaction. I once read an adage that says, “if you can’t take responsibility for your action, you can’t take for others.” Everybody wants to be responsible but not everyone is ready for it.    

Principles of Success for Young African Entrepreneurs part 2

Becoming an entrepreneur is a good idea but it also comes with a great responsibility. There will always come a time when you will have to make certain hard decisions for the sake of your business. Most of this decision might work out well but when it doesn’t, consequences follow.   

Great entrepreneurs try to clean their mess; they don’t blame anyone for it even when there is room for that. They take responsibility for their mistakes and try to see how they can fix it and make things right again.

Always be truthful to yourself

Many believe that entrepreneurs aren’t sincere and they are unpredictable. As truthful as that claim might be, successful entrepreneurs do not lie to themselves. They might try to lie to the public in order to save their reputation, but they always accept the truth and work things out.

Principles of Success for Young African Entrepreneurs part 2

Being sincere to oneself is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it gives you the ability to discover new things. The truth might not always be sweet to the heart but it must be told.

No shortcut to destiny

It’s really painful to hear that there is no shortcut to destiny but that seems to be the truth. Everything in life has its own procedure, in order to bring out good results.

Principles of Success for Young African Entrepreneurs part 2

There is no short road to whatever you want to become. Every entrepreneur you see out there did not just become great overnight, it took them some time. Don’t rush yourself into so many things for a start.

Learn to pick up one thing at a time, follow it up and see how you can make it work. Let’s say the speed at which you were expecting the business to move is not what you are seeing; just try and understand that it might take time but your aim will be met in due time.  

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