“Startup” and “Entrepreneur” have become buzzwords in our present dispensation.

Raise your hand if you are tired of:

  • Hearing of new startup ideas ;
  • Being asked to work on these ideas;
  • Seeing these ideas abandoned even before they are fully explored;
  • Life

I guess many hands are up, at least for the last point.

Let’s get serious.

I used to be excited, enthusiastic and challenged when someone shared an idea, a project, or a start-up plan with me. It was so refreshing to know that some still thought of making a difference and innovating. However, I feel exhausted, overwhelmed and sad by unrealistic ideas, unmanaged projects, and suicidal start-up plans.

Many young computer science graduates think that an idea corresponds to a startup. When they dream of something, when they think they have identified whatever need, they start talking of “startups”, asking people to work with them. The relative ease with which software products can be made available, coupled with the many needs which can be met by the computer industry has greatly encouraged this.

But they do not take time to analyse their ideas, and make sure the idea can really evolve into a project, and subsequently a start-up. They just hastily write a project plan, start coding without all the functionalities clearly defined… They soon realise that there is something wrong, that there are lots of things which are wrong:

  • There is  very little or no market at all for the product they want to develop (many software which do exactly the same thing, like “djangui management software”, but that people will not be particularly willing to buy);
  • They lack management skills to see the business through;
  • They run out of cash;
  • They fail to develop a product which meets the market needs.

Result: many websites with typing errors, even on the headings (no jokes, I just don’t want to discredit some of these young graduates); published websites which are incomplete (with so many links not working. I am equally serious here); published websites made with CMS but with the Latin phrases not updated; many startups which are dead even before they are launched; without forgetting the wasted efforts and frustrated “would-have-been entrepreneurs”.

I would like to suggest that, we young and prospective graduates, take the time to do some research, and proper planning before we launch any start-ups. I suggest that we gain and apply some knowledge in project management, change management, communication, long-term  term business analysis. These would help us choose relevant ideas, manage projects effectively and sustain life-changing startups.

I wish myself to follow this advice.

You may now put down your hands.


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