Ever wondered why big-name companies like MTN and Njorku feature in headlines on a constant basis?  

Even when it involves bad publicity, these companies benefit enormously from that exposure. It is almost impossible to not that know they exist, and it is rare that one of their new product launches escapes the common consumer’s attention.

Press releases play the magic. They are a valuable tool in the hands of businesses who can use them correctly. They  are vital tools that continue to empower companies in many ways. That’s why in this article, we will be sharing with  you some quick press release tips for your business.

1. Use press releases to reach your audience/customers

A press release is a vital component of any public relations strategy. As a startup, one of your main objective is to create brand awareness. That is, getting as many people as possible to know about your brand. As such, press releases are the best options in circumstances like:

  • New product launches
  • Updates to existing products
  • New partnerships
  • Opening a new office 
  • New team member/big-name hire
  • Awards

With professional distribution websites, you’ll have access to more journalists, bloggers, prospects and influencers than you could reach on your own.

2. Use press releases to step-over your competitors

As unbelievable as it may seem, many companies are still ignorant of the magic press releases play in keeping their brands alive and driving traffic to their websites.

For instance, most press releases have a link pointing back to your site. That link will usually yield some referral traffic, and will also serve to boost your website’s visibility in search engine rankings, since inbound links are one of the top factors in the ranking algorithm.

Now, having one or two press releases in a year, will go a long way in stepping up your game over your competitors. Take MTN for example. Despite the numerous telecommunication services in the country, they remain top of the list simply by constantly using press releases to update the public about every little activity that happens in their company.

3- Use press releases to build bridges to bigger opportunities

Getting connections at major news outlets and publishers can serve as a bridge to bigger opportunities. You might get yourself or your business featured in higher-traffic publications, or get an opportunity with a prospective client.

As such, use press releases to:

  • Announce your launch

    If your company is just starting, or if it has officially launched within the past few months, you can formally announce your launch with a press release.

  • Get involved with local events

    You can also work indirectly to increase your exposure with the press by capitalizing on events that the press is already interested in. For example, if your city is hosting a festival, consider opening a booth for your business, or sponsoring the event. If a non-profit organization is hosting a fundraiser, consider getting yourself involved in it. The press will be out looking for interviews and information, and if your brand is at the center of the action, they’ll have no choice but to mention you.

  • Host events

    Consider hosting your own events, especially if you have the space for it. These can be practically anything, depending on your current resources and the nature of your brand. For example, you could host a lecture series, a workshop, a mixer event, or an open house to show off your new office space.

I’m sure by now you would be wondering how to start the whole press release business strategy. If you need help publishing your press release, contact us on ah@makonjo.com.



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