Businesses with an online presence, have a greater chance of scaling within any industry. As an entrepreneur or a business person, digitizing your business is probably one of the fastest ways you’d achieve growth.

Digitizing a business means incorporating a digital aspect into the different activities of your business, ranging from the manner in which you record sales to how you get new customers. It also means taking your business activities to online platforms where it can achieve an even greater visibility.

Here are a few reasons why I think you should switch from your traditional method of doing business, to the digital world.

Reach more people

Now, we’re talking social media. It’s pretty important for your customers to feel your online presence as a major part of your customers will certainly try to scout you on social media (where they spend more than 2/3 of their online time). With 4.021 billion users spread out across various social networking platforms, you have a great audience to work with and a greater audience to convert into paying customers.

 Why Going Digital Should Be Your Startup’s Main Goal Now

Increase productivity

Running your business digitally helps you to save time and proactively achieve your business’ goals, makes them more reachable. For instance, instead of recording double entries for sales, you can simply record them using a software depending on your trade. Hence, the extra time you spend on doing the task could be allocated to something else. This is also useful in case of hazards like fires.

Break geographical boundaries

The most interesting perks of going digital is that it goes beyond the hindrance of location. Most traditional businesses grow slowly because they are limited to the area of their location and so, rely on the few loyal customers who have known them from the time of their creation.

Why Going Digital Should Be Your Startup’s Main Goal Now

Conversely, a digital business is visible to anyone with a smart device and an Internet connection wherever in the world. In other words, you operate internationally without necessarily having any international branch.

Reinforce your brand in the digital world

Going digital enables you to put yourself out there and let people know more about what you offer. By exposing yourself to your audience on digital platforms, your business will develop a strong identity which customers will recognize anywhere.

Why Going Digital Should Be Your Startup’s Main Goal Now

Today, when you see a bitten apple, the ‘apple’ brand almost immediately comes to mind. Branding gives your customers an image about your company. That’s simply because people love having something to think about you. So it’s important to give them something great to think about.

Helps you improve customers’ experience

It’s really easy to know how your customers feel about you if your business is digitally inclined by monitoring the feedback you receive from them on your social media handles. You’ll get the chance to communicate with them on a more personal level and know how to best resolve the problems they encounter in relation to their experiences with your brand.

Save more money

Using digital marketing helps you to save money while you’re busy making some more. How much do you spend to air your advert over radio, television or even printed out in a newspaper? 250k? Maybe less.

Now, compare that to the amount you pay for a regular Facebook post and you realize you’re definitely missing out big (especially as Facebook posts are free). Not so bad after all; considering that marketing digitally, helps you save the money you would have spent marketing your products through television or radio ads.

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