Cameroonian parents are so protective and concerned when it comes to the future of their offsprings. Perhaps, in most cases, they will definitely dictate how your future gonna look like by pushing you to the direction they perceived promising. I want you to go to Enam, I want you to study medicine etc., whereas you have zero interest in those fieldS of study. In the same light, they ignore the fact that children are driven by their passion. Those who follow the music career must stand strong. Notwithstanding, Olga Nkweti can bear with me.


Olgha Nkweti is a Cameroonian singer, songwriter, and poet whose recent release titled  ”stand strong” has grabbed the attention of every lover of music in Cameroon and abroad. This soul touching afro-pop piece” stand strong” is not only a song but a source of motivation to all those who dare in life and keep not achieving their expectations.

Afrohustler visited the capital city of Yaounde and had some close discussion with Olga Nkweti to get a comprehensive insight into her hustle and career.


Afro Hustler (AH): What inspired you to come up with this great piece?

Olgha Nkweti (ON): I had done a lot of projects last year and seemed to fail at everyone and I badly needed encouragement at the time I wrote the song. I think I wrote more to encourage myself than anyone else.

AH: What can the ordinary man learn from this great song?

ON: The ordinary person could understand quite a few things actually.
1) You’re your only limit to success, not people’s opinions.
2) Push yourself to get back up no matter how many times you fail. The final win will always be worth it.
3) Opinions are really just smoke…they fade and change depending on your success or failure.
 Those were the things I had in mind when writing the song. I felt others might benefit from it too
 AH: Tell us about your music life. When you started did your family encourage you?
ON: My family got supportive after they realised I won’t give up no matter what. Your family wants you to earn and make a living for yourself and here in the country, they believe music doesn’t do that. I had to let them know I could make it work for them to grudgingly let me do what I want. This made me slow my progress because I had to do other work, earn some money and when I was financially independent I began music full time.
True Story of Olgha Nkweti, the Brain Behind ''Stand Strong Video''
AH: So what next as far as music is concerned?
ON: My team and I intend to put up another song before June next year with its corresponding video. At the same time, we’re working on an EP which might be released after the 2nd Single. We intend to do as much promo as possible so the artist Olgha gets known within and out of the country.
YouTube : Olgha Nk
SoundCloud : Olgha Nk
Facebook : Olgha Nk / OLGHA
Twitter : OlghaNk
Instagram : OlghaNk
Contact: Tel : 677232755 / 699041523
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