According to Cameroon Journal,  traditional rulers in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon are now being paid cash incentives by the Biya regime to pacify them. This offer comes with conditions and instructions to remain quiet over escalating tensions in Southern Cameroons as the people demand a two equal state federation.

“One of the traditional rulers – a second class chief, whose name shall not be disclosed received his own share of the bribe money, confided in The Cameroon Journal that he received”

SDOs in the respective divisions are said to be in charge of distributing the cash in the following manner bellow:

  • 175,000 FRS from the government as second-class chief.
  • First class chiefs he said, are receiving 250,000 FRS
  • Third class chiefs are paid 100,000 FRS.

Sources say that the government is trying to preempt sentiments from chiefs who have grass root support from the ongoing strike by lawyers and teachers.

If this is the approach the government has adopted, then they aren’t ready for any dialogue.

Some points worth considering include the following;

How long will such an amount of money last?

SW & NW Chiefs are getting frustrated in this regime but they still sit quietly! The natives of each tribe should consider making available a source of income for their leader to help them stay away from pecuniary temptations.

Are these NW & SW Chiefs that cheap?

When shall we downplay the divide and rule tactic?

Federalism is the only way forward!



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